Let another praise you, and not your own mouth; someone else and not your own lips. Proverbs 27:2

The Lord has used Tom in a special way, to bless and challenge our children. Tom has a love for the lost and is gifted in reaching them for Christ. Tom Toombs is no silly performer, but God’s man using God’s gifts for God’s glory! Simply put, Tom is a man of high integrity, a solid proclaimer of the Word, and able to connect with today’s children for God’s glory. I am honored to recommend him for your prayerful consideration.   Dr. Dennis Brunet pastor Middway Baptist church FL.

WOW! Tom had great energy the whole evening. He really engaged the kids and kept their attention the whole time. He also gave a clear gospel presentation that both kids and adults could relate to. I highly recommend Tom for any special event! Upward Director Columbus ,OH

Very few have the gift that Tom Toombs has and that is to present God’s truths in a unique way. His approach reaches audiences that others just can’t seem to get through to. Tom has a way to engage students in a high energy presentation of the gospel that seems to give him a meaningful way to reach this new generation. I promise you that Tom loves students and can speak to them in a way where they will hear God’s Word speak to them.”   Danny Dawdy Camp Manager Highland Lakes Camp

Keeping the attention of students can be a tough thing. However, Tom Toombs used his humor, and animated personality to COMMAND it. He is certainly a gifted communicator. I’m not sure who loved him more (the students or the adult leaders)! Jonny Diaz singer/artist

“I have heard Tom Toombs speak on many occasions and he always delivers. Tom has a gift of communicating in a style all his own. He holds the audience’s attention and drives home his point. I would recommend him for any occasion you need a speaker or just a night of fun and laughter.”   Wayne Slay Pastor to Families Church at Rock Creek, AR

By far one of the best Entertainers we have ever had. We had 2 end of season Awards Celebrations on the same day due to the size of our league. The parents that came to our morning ceremony came back to the afternoon ceremony so they could watch him again! He was awesome and he totally connected with the kids. We hope to have him come again. What a great way to end the season.   Upward Basketball league director, Orlando,FL

“Having worked with Tom Toombs through Texas Super Summer on several occasions, I’ve found him to have a unique way of communicating the Gospel and spiritual truths to students of all ages. Tom has a way of captivating his audience in order to share the truth with students and adults.”     Ronnie Whitehead Youth pastor, TX

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