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Hi, My name is Tom Toombs and I have been doing ministry to children since 1976. Well, full time since 1987. Ordained into the gospel ministry in 1989 and have been in almost every state in the U.S. and 19 countries for Several denominations. One Seminary professor challenged me to “Think OUTSIDE the BOX” to reach people for Christ. That is what I have tried to do.

Experienced children’s pastor, youth pastor, missionary, chaplain and an evangelist. Using comedy, drama, preaching, teaching and performing with juggling, balloon stories, magic tricks, and mime to share the gospel to the smallest of kids while challenging adults.

We look forward to partnering with you in your ministry in the future. Thanks for your prayerful consideration.  Email me at
tom@little-tommy.net or call or text me directly 865-805-4267 cell.

Others have said:

Some say he’s just a big kid.

And, to some extent they are right. In character, as “Tommy” he wears red overalls, a yellow baseball hat perched sideways on his head, and he carries a small furry animal named “Bubba” which he describes as a “varmint.” It’s just part of the one-of-a-kind ministry of Tom Toombs.

When Tom juggled his way into the hearts of audiences beginning in 1976 with his comedy/drama/illusionist ministry, it was clear that the only limits of his efforts to communicate the gospel were the bounds of his own imagination. He has appeared before thousands for over three decades, reaching audiences ranging from preschoolers to senior adults.

Tom is not just another funny face. He is an inventive communicator. Preaching, drama, mime, juggling, balloon parables, illusion, comedy and his energetic characters portray the gospel truth. He has been featured in major youth conferences throughout the county and recently the Billy Graham Evangelical Association, and oversees for several military bases and deployment readiness for children.

In the last year Tom has performed and spoken in front of several different denominations and for different ages and races of people.

“I think the strongest aspect of what I do is that God allows me to reach kids with the gospel on one day and to run around the next night and have 1000 adults, one minute laughing, the next crying,” explains Tom. “My heart has also been especially drawn to Young people because it is such a pivotal time in their lives. I suppose that my gift is to be able to reach different ages and a broad spectrum of people.”

A simple and child-like faith, a little juggling, perhaps a parable illustrated with balloons, drama, illusions and mime make up the unique ministry of love, laughter and lessons from the heart of Tom Toombs.


I look forward to seeing you at your event soon-  Tom

Highlight Video 2021-22

I have been updating my highlight video and posters. You can check them out HERE. Here is the shorter 2 minute version, HERE

Still Following God

Covid has effected everyone! But is has not done so in the same ways. For Me, at first I did a lot of online events such as “Lunchtime with Little Tommy” with thousands of people watching as I performed and taught all ages online. That was an exciting and new time, but it faded as people tried to move on with life. Meanwhile at

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