Still Following God

Covid has effected everyone! But is has not done so in the same ways. For Me, at first I did a lot of online events such as “Lunchtime with Little Tommy” with thousands of people watching as I performed and taught all ages online. That was an exciting and new time, but it faded as people tried to move on with life.

Meanwhile at church, our kids were still not able to attend in person. Some of our people, for whatever reasons did not return to church even after the covid protocols were lifted. After almost a year, it really hit our small church hard. It hit hard enough that all of our staff were asked to find some other source of income.

I have been looking for other opportunities but still have very strong and deep calling to minister to people and specifically younger people. God has been really stretching and teaching my wife and I during this time and we have always trusted Him and He has never and will never fail us. So we are looking for ways to serve Him while we are waiting for our next steps.

We know people need the Lord more than ever and we can see time getting closer when Jesus will return so we want to get the gospel out with urgency, but in some states churches are still not even able to meet. So pray for us not to miss what God has for us to do while we remain faithful to Him and our calling.



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