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Book Five- Fibs, Whoppers and Lies

We are so excited to let you know that book five in the Little Tommy series in NOW Available wherever you buy books online including Amazon.com. It is entitled “Fibs, Whoppers and Lies”.Everybody has heard them, and sometimes we even tell them. Being honest isn’t easy, especially when we do something wrong. But what Does God say about being honest and telling the truth?

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Bully Trouble is HERE!!!

               “Bullies.” What are we supposed to do about Bullies? Stand Up to them? Fight back? Even run away? In this fourth book of the Little Tommy series Bully Trouble: Little Tommy learns a Lesson in Loving His Enemies, WE find out what God says about bullies and how to deal with them according to the Bible. See

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Trouble with Bullies???

Exciting and much awaited news about the next book in the LittleTommy book series!! . We are now working on the  pictures and formatting has to be done and Very soon.The book is about what happens when   Little Tommy and his brother Tony face a bully on the play ground. Of course Tommy’s dad gives some good advice from the Bible on how to

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