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from today March 27,2020

from today March 26, 2020

What is Hero Headquarters?

That’s right, I’m now on church staff again and in the “Castle”. Since January 2019 we have been at Cedar Point church with a very new type of ministry. For now, we are doing the children’s ministry at the local church. However, planning on starting a Bible College in the fall where I will be training young kids pastors the ropes. We are planning

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I teach you Magic tricks and get FREE skits for kids church

My newly revamped youtube site has more how to magic tricks that you have seen me do at camps and performances on the road. Also, I have done a lot of the Childrens Ministry Deals skits with a drama team. I have shot and edited them into 3-4 minute skits that are themed with several fun and gospel presentations. Or if you would like

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